How about the Republicans in Colorado seizing a golden opportunity?

Question by Sarah Palin: How about the Republicans in Colorado seizing a golden opportunity?
You got to love this story: Republicans in Colorado are running a ‘save the flags’ campaign. They are all flying the same flags that democrats threw away once their fake convention was over. What a statement!

Best answer:

Answer by Luke Was Here
Colorado just went from Obama-leaning to Battleground.

What did the Dems do wrong at the convention?

You now have a good chance at making history Sarah!

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8 Responses to How about the Republicans in Colorado seizing a golden opportunity?

  1. Keith C says:

    lmao–thats priceless!

  2. heavy_lead_balloon says:

    Yep…a perfect example of the lefts appreciation for symbols of American pride…just throw it away!!

    Here are pics to prove it…

  3. Didgeridude says:

    Yeah, and I understand Obama’s supporters are running a similar “save the humans” campaign to address those Americans who have been thrown into poverty or financial distress as a result of Bush’s economic, health care and home mortgage policies (or lack thereof) over the past seven years.

  4. Right Wingnut says:

    Well, if the Republicans are so poor they couldn’t afford flags all they had to do was ask.
    The democrats would nave been happy to give their used flags to them.

    So what are you going to do with them flags after your convention is done deary?

    I guess all You Republicans will be forced to hang onto your paper flags for ever and ever and never be able to get rid of them.

  5. tomasyn says:

    A golden opportunity to what? Show how shallow and backwards they are?

  6. peppersham says:

    Considering how many people that were there that is such a small amount of flags and looks like they had to DIG in the trash to find them.Wow.

  7. Cherry Pop Tart says:

    Wait a second…Didn’t Obama say we have no right to question his patriotism?

    Shouldn’t this apply to his supporters as well?

    Just because they threw the very symbol of our country in the trash, along with DiGiorno pizza boxes and apparently all of their hygiene products, doesn’t mean they don’t love their country.

    The audacity!

  8. dutchbailey says:

    That is great! I’m putting it on this site…

    Go Sarah Go!

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